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    Digital Marketing
  • Widget Lite

    WhatsApp widget
    All in one widget
    iMS Lite
    Inquiry Management System
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  • Widget Pro

    All in one widget with
    iMS Pro

    Whatsapp integrated
    iMS Pro
    conversation records
    status reports
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    Widget with
    iMS Pro

    User session view
    Mobile App
    Real time visitors
    Chat invite
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Building a new brand or enhancing the existing customer base of a business is extremely challenging in competitive industries. With creatively crafted and wisely selected strategies any business can thrive in the digital space.

Our trained specialists will make sure they understand your business goals precisely and Advise you with the best digital plan, from developing your website or mobile app, Social media marketing, SEO services, and lead generation campaigns with the best possible growth of your business.

Turn website visitors into customers

Delivering exceptional performance & conversions. Fully customizable chat widgets with popular messaging apps, Ready to go solutions to grow your business faster
WhatsApp Widget
Integrate the most popular communication channel into your website and improve your customer service quality and sales conversion.
  • Customisable ready to use widget
  • Inquiry Management System - IMS
All-in-One chat
Giving the customer maximum flexibility to choose the mode they like to contact you, with a super easy interface.
  • Pick and choose the channels
  • Quick integration with IMS option.
iMS Pro

The Inquiry Management System

Keep track of all inquiries with status updates & Sales Reports
Admin dashboard with user privileges management
Analytics of the inquiry process with reports
Record of the full status of the inquiry with comments
Assign the inquiry to relevant department
Tallentor Optimizer
Keep track of all inquiries with status updates & Sales Reports
  • Realtime View + Invites
  • Analytics Center
  • SEO Reports
  • Session Recording
  • Heatmaps
  • Security
  • Realtime View
  • Visitor Invite

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